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Client Reviews

Welcome to the Law Offices of Alexandra Miller and read what my clients have to say about me…

Dear Ms. Miller: I don’t know what I would have done without you, but you solved a major problem for me and made me feel good in the process.”

I stopped worrying about my car accident the moment I called you and avoided making big mistakes because of you. You listen and picked up on a variety of little things that others I spoke to missed and that made such a difference in my outcome.”

You were always available for me, at night and even over the weekends. I have been very impressed with your fast responsiveness and results. More importantly Alex, you are a real person, someone who really cares, listens and understands.”
Sarah M., Rockville, MD.

Dear Alex, I can’t believe EVERYTHING happened just the way you said it would! I’m so used to people promising things and not coming through. You told it to us straight up, no games, no fluff. Your honesty and directness made us feel very comfortable. There aren’t many people I trust and you are one of them We are so happy with the results of our case and we wanted to thank you again for a terrific outcome and for fighting so hard for us, even when it meant staying after-hours. Great job!
Dan S., Annapolis, MD.

Dear Ms. Miller, I think of how scared I was when I called you and within minutes you soothed all my worries away. My husband and I will always remember how you came to us at a time of desperate need and unselfishly helped and guided us to this incredible, even miraculous resolution. You got my DUI dismissed before trial. You’ve helped give us a wonderful gift – the gift of a second chance to create a new life.
Meagan G., Columbia, MD.

Alex – You believed in me when the Insurance Company didn’t and fought until you got everything for me! You have the patience of a Saint. You always called me to keep me informed of the progress of my case and were always available for me. I will definitely use your services again in the future and highly recommend you to others.

P.S. Your sense of humor and smile always lifted my spirits and put me at ease! (smile)
Mark G., Baltimore, MD.

Dear Attorney Miller: I think of how I tried to handle my case on my own and the roadblocks and frustration I had. You got immediate results, moved the case for me, and accomplished what I couldn’t do in one year! It’s wonderful to know that in a world where there are a million lawyers and no one has enough time it is still possible to find an attorney as caring, thorough, knowledgeable and professional as you. I can say that you have a client for life!
Ashley F., Westminster, MD.

Dear Ms. Miller (I know, call you Alex): I wouldn’t be here enjoying this summer vacation if it weren’t for you. You took an unbearable part of my life away and gave me peace of mind. Without you my life would be a mess. You are not only a most capable and respectable attorney but you are also a most compassionate, generous and genuine person. You helped me every step of the way. I never felt alone going through this and that’s worth more than you’ll ever know.
John M., Ellicott City, MD.

Dear Alex, I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you that I was so pleased with the work you did for me before and knew that you would help me right away, that I called you before I even called my Wife! Your phone numbers are literally programmed in my cellphone.”
James A., Timonium, MD.

You’ve been there for us from the beginning. You came to our home and stood by me and my family. You gave me the courage to face up to my problems and see this through without giving up, even when I wanted to. I can never thank you enough for that alone and yet, in addition, I know for a fact that your influence and presence were instrumental in my getting my life back. I am so grateful I found you!
Eric V., Towson, MD.

Alex, as I told you, you are my Guardian Angel. You laughed after Court when I told you I was putting a statue of you in my house! I have no idea exactly what you did or how you did it, but you somehow pulled it off and I must say I’m impressed. You have made an extremely difficult situation a lot less horrible I’m going to stay in touch with you to let you know of my progress but also to keep our friendship at a more sincere level than me calling you only when I need you. Thank you with all my heart!
Carol C., Owings Mills, MD.

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